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A Big question we sometimes get asked is how to host a race. Depending on the size it can take some time planning. Here are some key points to help keep you on track!

  1. Talk to your partners. If you don’t already have land set aside to race on you will need to talk to community partners such as the YMCA, City Hall, or similar organizations.
  2. Talk to your sponsors. This is an easy way to raise money for your organization. You may even consider setting up bronze, silver, and gold level sponsorships! Be sure to show value to the person wanting to sponsor.
  3. Dont forget to talk to the Police! You want the route you plan to be safe!
  4. Oh yea. Plan your routes. We suggest creating a multiple route race to attract more people. For example if you are hosting a running event create a 5k course and a 10k course!
  5. Get all your volunteers together before the race. Meet up at a local church, library, coffee shop, etc. You want to be sure everyone is on the same page for their duties.
  6. Allow for online race registration. Its nice for people to be able to register from the convenience of their phone, tablet or computer. We can help with that too at We will take care of hosting the registration and it will automatically import into the timer on race day.
  7. ‘Allow for late registration! Some people like to pay cash last minute!
  8. Race Time! Be sure to have someone with a microphone, bull horn, or a loud voice announce or call out a race. Airhorns are good too!
  9. Everyone likes prizes! Be sure to use turtletimer’s race result categories so you can break out age groups and other categories.
  10. Thank everyone on every chance you get! Set yourself apart by providing excellent customer service and I promise they will come back next time!